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Demand Management

Demand management is a planning methodology used to forecast, plan for and manage the demand for products and services. This can be at macro-levels as in economics and at micro-levels within individual organizations.
Demand Management is the grounding of strategic theory in the reality of an organization’s limited resources. Talalweh Consultancy does this with a fact-based, non-emotional approach to proactively identify and address supply (people, cost, time) and demand (work initiatives) imbalances.

Developing a demand management strategy optimizes the organization’s ability to make the SCM process more effective and efficient and is intended to bring demand and supply into convergence. The level of strategy and its complexity will vary depending on the purchase, but should reflect the determination of whether existing assets within the Postal Service will meet the identified need.

When developing a demand management strategy, Our preliminary focus will be on cost reduction, revenue enhancement, and streamlining operations. Once these issues are addressed, a demand management strategy can be developed by examining the following topics:

Independent and dependent demand analysis.
Internal and external factor analysis.
Usage and product trends.
Inventory management.

Demand Management

Demand management is the supply chain management process that balances the customers' requirements with the capabilities of the supply chain. With the right process in place, management can match supply with demand proactively and execute the plan with minimal disruptions. The process is not limited to forecasting. It includes synchronizing supply and demand, increasing flexibility, and reducing variability.


  • Emotional “gut feel” decisions
  • Misaligned delivery expectations
  • Trial and error
  • Limited insight
  • Reactionary management


  • Fact-based decisions
  • Aligned delivery with business objectives
  • Proactive scenario-based supply and demand analysis
  • Insights to address resource and financial issues
  • Optimized organization throughput
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