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HR Policy Development

Building an effective human resource department has to do with building a culture where employees are valued and treated fairly. To do that, it’s important for organisations to take policy development seriously as these promote consistency and help create a more positive company culture. HR policies are necessary because they set in place different rules and standards by which organisations can work more smoothly.

The policies which we provide are employee oriented, we also take into consideration the following:
1. Target Company Values Organisations represent certain values, and it’s important for company practices to reflect them. This helps companies boost their brand by increasing client trust and loyalty, while it also helps bring in fresh talent.
2. Make Them Specific and Clear The key to ensuring that the policies you’ve set up are followed is to ensure that they are clear and specific enough to not leave room for doubt. Having a clearly spelled-out course of action for a specific situation can help employees feel that they are treated fairly and equally. Making your HR policies specific and clear can also make them more consistent which is crucial for large organisations as it not only saves time, but it also helps avoid tension.
3. Comply With the Law and Regulations It’s important to remember that your company operates within a government-approved framework and as such, it is monitored which means that it needs to comply with the existing legislation. Taking regulations into consideration when developing policies will help companies avoid potential legal problems and ensure quality.

HR Policy Development

Areas Where HR Policies Are Necessary

Working Conditions
Compensation and Benefits
Employee Relations
Employee Placement
Health and Safety
Workplace Diversity
Training and Development
Sick Leave
Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave
Performance Management
Disciplinary Action
Discrimination and Harassment

What we will do

  • Identify the Need for a New Policy
  • Understand What You Want to Achieve With this Policy
  • Consult With Senior Management
  • Draft the Policy
  • Review the Policy
  • Questions to Ask Employees
  • Legal Review

Policy features

  • Good organization and layout
  • Relevant content
  • Clear language
  • Fairness and flexibility
  • Legal compliance
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