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Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations

A job description (JD) is a written statement of facts describing the purpose, scope, context and responsibilities of a job. Each JD focuses first and foremost on the requirements of the job, as well as listing any unusual and unavoidable working conditions which are inherent to the job. It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization. Clear job descriptions make both job and employee evaluations—equally vital to any organization’s compensation program—possible. Job evaluations help you make those difficult apples-and-oranges decisions about the relative value of various positions. They help you develop an equitable compensation program.
Job Evaluation (JE) is the analysis and evaluation of work for the purpose of determining the relative value of each job in an organization. Job evaluation is therefore the basis for fair compensation.

Job evaluation assesses the job that needs to be done, not necessarily as it is now performed and not necessarily as it is likely to evolve. Job evaluation begins with an accurate description of the role and responsibilities and tells you what the position is worth, relative to other positions in your organization.

Innovative Job evaluation Solution

When recruiting, job descriptions tell you about the candidates you should recruit and how you should describe the role to them; job evaluations tell you—in the context of your organization’s compensation program—what you should pay them.

Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations

We can help your organization create or enhance your library of job descriptions and job profiles, and help you create or rebuild your job evaluation program. We can help you build fairness into your compensation structure.
We'll help you model your firm and show the various roles. We'll help you build those into jobs. Then we'll help you build the job descriptions for all jobs.

Then we'll help you evaluate those jobs, benchmark them and set the right pay and reward.
After that, you'll have a well-defined firm with everyone aware of their place in it. And you'll be able to do many of the management activities that are difficult without this structure.
We say 'help' because we'll aim to transfer knowledge to you as go and the best way for us to do this is to have you do at least some of the work.

Job Evaluation Objectives

  • Provide an objective basis for building and modernizing wage structures.
  • Contribute to the elimination of wage inequality as it provides a scientific means
  • To compare the functions of one another and then to assign identical functions to the degree of difficulty
  • A way to evaluate new jobs
  • Enables you to define relationships between functional categories.

The importance of Job description

  • Job evaluation
  • Determine the salary of the job
  • Recruitment
  • Performance evaluation
  • Training and development
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