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Outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing your company’s payroll processing function frees up resources and allows you to focus on and engage in your core activities. Whether you are a small business or a large international organization, Talalweh Consultancy Services offers extensive experience in payroll functions and has a track record of delivering accurate, cost effective payroll services.

Our team will ensure that your employees are always paid in a timely manner. Most importantly, we ensure that your business complies with all payroll-related statutory requirements and obligations, such as social security and income tax payments. In addition, our payroll specialists are equipped to perform the following special services, including but not limited to: pensions, holiday or sick pay, tax inquiries, overtime, holidays, and Financial Advisory services for staff and HR.

Outsourcing payroll administration

If you want to manage your staff yourself but want to outsource the administration of your payroll, We will take care of that.

As a company with staff, a proper payroll administration is required. Different forms and calculations are part of the payroll administration. Think of forms such as the pay slip, and calculations such as overtime, holidays, illnesses, from gross to net salary and annual statements. In addition the wage tax per month and per quarter. The monthly calculation and payment of social security is required. Other details such as expense allowances, benefits and final levies are also recorded. The payroll administration must be kept for seven years. So there is a lot to look at when performing the payroll administration. This takes a lot of time.

Our method
The method of Talalweh outsourcing Payroll is very simple. You deliver the changes and we ensure that you receive the entire processed payroll quickly. The staff remain on your own payroll, the only thing we do is take over the administration. You receive the payslips, payment statements and reports monthly, quarterly and annually from us.

Talalweh Consultancy will also handle the monthly payment of Social Security and the payment of Income tax and deliver you the receipts and clearances.

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