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Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing Consultancy helps companies optimize their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth.
We offer businesses guidance designed to shape and scale a sales & marketing team’s existing processes. Consulting is administered through one-on-one interactions, team discussions, and workshops.
Our services give you a strategic advantage in acquiring and retaining new opportunities, inspiring the best performance from your sales & Marketing team, and preventing and mitigating the loss of market share. We’ll make you competitive in the race for key accounts, keep your sales & marketing team engaged, and equip them to bring in new revenue. Together we’ll develop and deploy actionable sales & marketing strategies that drive real results.

We will researches marketing trends and data. Provides expert information regarding promotions, branding, media channels, and other key information for marketing success. Guides the implementation of marketing strategies for various products and services.
What we will do:
Provide marketing expertise to clients
Researches industries, markets, demographics, trends, sales results, and other data related to the client's products or services
Analyses details of competitor offerings, including specifications, market share, pricing, and promotional materials
Creates detailed reports with research findings and analysis to inform marketing strategies
Provides written documents and verbal presentations for each client to guide the creation of new marketing plans and strategies
Recommends specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve the client's desired sales goals
Helps come up with new product and service offerings to increase shares in new or existing markets
Assists marketing managers and directors in coming up with focused branding, positioning, and marketing tools for each product or service
Works within the client's budget to produce effective promotional materials and advertising opportunities
Tracks sales and feedback and adjusts marketing strategies as necessary
Establishes marketing tracking methods to help each client evaluate performance over time

Sales & Marketing

Sales Consultancy is about helping an organisation and its leaders understand how it can overcome challenges, meet strategic goals or offer strategic ideas on how to grow successfully and profitably in the face of ever-increasing market pressure and change.
Sales consultancy practice is ultimately about working with our clients to create the culture, processes and tools needed to embed value at the centre of the sales process.
We will provide first-class sales by answering any questions the consumer might have about a product.
We offer three core services on a consultancy basis:
Diagnostics is a consultative service that looks at all that is both good and bad about your existing sales culture, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where to focus your energies to achieve maximum growth.
Growth Accelerator
The flagship model of the Sales range of services. A hands-on consultancy service that generates insight and improves negotiated deal outcomes.
Sales Team Technology
Our sales consultancy is designed to help support leaders, manage performance and measure KPI's and objectives before, during and after a program delivery.

Featured capabilities

  • Assisting senior consultants in projects
  • Share best practices and knowledge.
  • Collaborate with technology, information security, and business partners
  • Find and address performance issues
  • Maintains records to allow for historical trending analysis

Marketing Optimization

  • Demonstrated aptitude for analytics
  • Outstanding record academic achievement
  • Ability to work effectively with people all levels in an organization
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas.
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